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Our country is no longer in need of a GREAT AWAKENING!
America is in desperate need of a RESURRECTION!

In far too many American churches, the Great Commission has been reduced to a moderate suggestion. The emphasis is on little more than getting people ready to die, rather than equipping them to truly live.

But God intends for us to see His Kingdom come in all its fullness—not only in our homes and churches, but in our local communities, and in our nation at large.

That can only happen when Christians rediscover a fundamental truth: that there is no grace without law. Only when we understand God’s loving restrictions can we fully experience His freedom.

All forms of government—from the family to the federal level—need to be viewed through the lens of God’s natural law.

Cutting through the foggy thinking about law and liberty, Cary Gordon carefully examines what the Bible really means by grace. He explains how a proper understanding of the ways in which the old and new covenants intertwine fueled the explosive growth of the early church. Rediscovering that foundation can bring about a similar impact in today’s world.

What Christian leaders are saying...

Pastor Gordon not only exposes the root of the problem but how to climb out of the pit...Every pastor who cares about the Word of God and state of America needs to read this book!

Pastor Michael Demastus Fort Des Moines Church of Christ, Des Moines, IA

I heartily recommend Pastor Gordon’s book as exactly what American Christians need: a manual for culture warriorhood and a roadmap to victory!

Lt. Col. John Eidsmoe Pastor, Constitutional Attorney, and Adjunct Professor at Oak Brook College of Law

Pastor Gordon holds forth a blazing torch that lights the way to revival, renewal, and the rebirth of Christian civilization on this continent.

Rev. Jamie Johnson Vice President of World-Wide Missions

This book belongs in every Christian home, every church library and needs to be preached from every pulpit in America. With that, God may give us favor, and the light of Christianity will shine again

Dan Smithwick Founder of Nehemiah Institute, Winter Garden, FL