March 2018

  • Cornerstone World Outreach
    Mar 4th

    Trevor Loudon and Judd Saul

    Join us Sunday, March 4, at 10 AM, for our special guest speakers, and movie producer/director, Trevor Loudon and Judd Saul.

  • Cornerstone World Outreach
    Mar 23rd - Mar 24th

    Household of Faith 2018

    Save the date for 2018's Household of Faith March 23rd and 24th with Pastor Bill and Julie Tvedt.

  • Cornerstone World Outreach
    Mar 25th

    Pastor Bill Tvedt

    Join us Sunday, March 25, at 10 AM and 6:30 PM, for our dear friend, Pastor Bill Tvedt.

April 2018

  • Cornerstone World Outreach
    Apr 15th

    Guest Speaker

    Save the date for our long time missionary friend, Andrew Braze, who will be with us all the way from China April 15.