A Sequence of 12 Logical Facts that Could Resurrect America

Pastor Cary Gordon

by Pastor Cary Gordon

posted on April 3rd, 2011 at 2:20 PM

1) Divine laws exist that men did NOT make, and these “natural laws” are good.*

2) Government is limited by the REALITY of natural laws.*

3) Laws exist that men DID make, and these “human laws” are often bad because they deny the REALITY of natural and Divine law.*

4) Law is the material necessary for the construction of a human conscience, and every human being has a conscience built with either good or bad law.*

5) Government cannot save the human soul, but can encourage either its redemption or damnation, therefore, it must also be restrained by the Divine influence of conscience in order to limit the potential damages within its grasp and capability.*

6) A conscience built upon good law acknowledges reality and thereby fosters the liberty produced by limited government.*

7) A conscience built upon bad law denies reality and thereby fosters the tyranny produced by unlimited government.*

8) America was founded by followers of the only religion in the world that exclusively recognized the absolute, non-optional REALITY that government was (and is) limited: Christianity. This is why America must remain a “religion-sanctioned state” as intended by the founders, and refuse both the “state-sanctioned religion” and “secular-humanist state” they rejected.*

9) Christianity is as necessary for the maintenance of limited government, as it is incompatible with unlimited government.*

10) Secular humanism is the enemy of limited government, and remains incompatible with authentic Christianity.*

11) The most powerful way to limit government is to chain… to codify man-created laws to the laws men did not make.*

12) A secular-humanist version of conservatism (like libertarianism) denies reality, by refusing to promote the laws necessary for the construction of a human conscience, and, therefore, produces no more lasting liberty than overt liberalism. (See points #4 and #5 above).*


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