All the King's Horses

Pastor Cary Gordon

by Pastor Cary Gordon

posted on June 30th, 2009 at 3:09 PM

There was (and is) a law that governed the operation of the entire universe long before any three members of a group of five formed a majority! And that law cannot be changed; it can only be rebelled against or obeyed! Some people call it “natural law,” but old-fashioned, outdated, “non-progressive” conservatives like me call it “Divine Law.”

In contrast to the good sense of Jesus Christ, who, in Matthew 5:45, taught what should be so obvious to everyone (that men can’t change sunrises or weather patterns), our country has now descended to the very depths of humanist depravity, as the not-so-subtle vanity of our elected officials reaches an all-time high! You see, we now have a large population of people who reject the “archaic” religious belief that “Jesus saved the world,” in preference to the notion that they must “vote to save the planet” themselves.

When you reduce the arguments of radical environmentalism to their logical conclusion, liberal environmentalists believe that man has the awesome power, ability, and moral responsibility to make congress the arbiter of the weather.

What that means is that though we haven’t yet mastered the technological ability to accurately predict what weather will erupt over the next 12 hours (If you don’t believe me, just ask any farmer!), there are those among us who believe they have, strangely enough, created technology that CAN tell the accurate story of what’s going to happen to the weather in… 12 million years!

I’m sorry, my liberal friends, you just lost me! You see, long before yogurt-eating gurus on both sides of the aisle took over the policy-making in this country and invented the phrase “carbon-footprint,” the Judeo/Christian people of the world were living lives of environmental stewardship! Jesus taught environmental stewardship, but what these people are talking about has nothing to do with being an environmental custodian. No, the powers they pretend to possess remind me of cartoons on Nickelodeon!

You see, the only persons the current liberal Democrat administration lacks, before they’ll be able to successfully achieve these particular secular/humanist goals for America, are the presidential cabinet appointments of the X-Men.

Similarly, this gross overestimation of man’s power is the inherent problem in the minds of those who promote the creation of “hate-crimes” laws. Though they be mere men, they faithfully pretend to possess the powers to divine the motive of an alleged criminal – something that cannot be done outside of a confession from the guilty himself.

Naturally, the same ideological humanists who believe in “man-caused global warming” also support hate-crimes laws! How do we approach this debate? Where does one begin? Well, I think I have an idea. The next time you get into an argument over global warming, ask the radical environmentalist if he trusts the average weekly weather forecast 100% of the time.

When he says “no,” you can attempt to help him understand why his own vote of no-confidence in tomorrow’s forecast is irreconcilable with his environmental ideology. But don’t be discouraged if he rejects you carte-blanche. It isn’t usually possible to reason with the unreasonable.

Along similar lines, the next time you get into an argument with a hate-crimes proponent, ask them to place both their index fingers upon your temples, and tell you what you’re thinking. When they ask you if you’re crazy, say “not enough to believe in the thought-police!”

Since it isn’t possible for mere men to do so, Professor Xavier can use Cerebro to accurately assess the guilt of everyone whose thoughts have committed “hate-crimes!” Most importantly, Storm, the wife of King Black Panther (married queen of Wakanda), can use her mystical powers to stop man-caused global warming.

If that sounds silly to you, because, after all, “real people can’t do those things,” then perhaps you’ll understand why I find even more silly the suggestion of law-enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges pretending to divine and punish the thoughts of the guilty. I find a certain inescapable irony with the current events surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s support for the prosecution of hate-crimes law and her simultaneous aversion to the truth concerning whether or not she was briefed by the intelligence community on the finer points of torture.

As a proponent of the “thought-police,” isn’t she afraid that one of the other “gifted” liberals who also support hate-crimes laws might “read her mind” and expose her? I fear that without the ability to use the water-boarding technique on her, we may never really know the answer to that question.All the King's Horses Toon

If appointing the Mutant X-Woman named “Storm” to the president’s cabinet sounds preposterous, since, after all, “real people can’t control the weather,” then perhaps you’ll understand how absurd it is to believe congress can.

The existence of the aforementioned issues are the result of the spawn of secularism – men who don’t understand the existence of natural law (what the founders referred to as Divine Law) and think they can overrule it, whether through the canard of the “carbon-footprint,” the imaginary “marriage” of gays, or the crystal ball of “hate-crimes,” these men march forward in history, leading their fellow lemmings to the very gates of hell!

America, not unlike Humpty Dumpty, now sits perched upon a high secular “wall of separation.” Revisionists falsely claim the wall was built by the founders, but the historically literate know better. No, the mason who built this wall laid the first brick in Emerson v. Board of Education 1947. He was an activist judge – a loyal “worshiper,” if you will, in the “religion” of the secularist neo-enlightenment. He made a dishonest remark to sully so much more than the true legacy of Thomas Jefferson. His remark set the stage for this nation to experience a great fall.

The greatest difference between the nursery rhyme and what we’re now experiencing? The same king and horsemen who present themselves to America as the only ones capable of repairing Humpty, if and when he falls, are the same who both built that wall and are now poised to give him a calculated push.

The greatest similarity between the nursery rhyme and reality? “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” So we can either make preparations to eulogize the shattered pieces or begin doing what’s necessary to prevent another fall by the next generation.

How does one keep from repeating history? Where does one begin?

We begin by fighting to maintain an accurate understanding of history. Reject the three weapons of revisionism: 1) Patent untruths; 2) Broad generalizations; 3) Omissions. As you begin to discover the truth about America’s rich spiritual heritage, that silly, unconstitutional, revisionist wall, that never should have been built and didn’t exist for the first 178 years of American history, can be removed, and future shattering falls can be avoided.

If, at long last, you disagree and wish to strengthen the wall, or, perhaps build it a little taller…then at least come to the table with a list of secularist “virtues.” Please, do tell (if even only one story) how secularism has strengthened and improved American families, much less, its government or the other governments of the world. (If you do try, consider skipping the story of the 15 failed secularist constitutions of France since our founding in the late 1700’s. Oh, and the Salem witch trials occurred BEFORE the constitution was ratified, so skip that one, too.)

I’ll be waiting patiently for that story. You see, I’ve never found a single soul who could tell it.