The Tale of the Christmas Death Wish & the Human Rights Commission of Sioux City

Pastor Cary Gordon

by Pastor Cary Gordon

posted on July 16th, 2013 at 11:37 AM

An Open Letter to Reasonable Citizens:


Mr. Aaron Rochester,

Per your request, I am copying you in on the threatening, hateful, anti-religious, slanderous, and amoral set of remarks that were sent to me during Christmas vacation of 2010, in response to my advocacy and eventual victory in efforts to remove 3 judges from our state supreme court.  You have my permission to share this correspondence with whomever you feel is appropriate, including media outlets.

Because I have not been successful in previous attempts to communicate with the City Council by e-mail, I ask that you share this with them, as it is their responsibility to correct a recent, serious error in judgment, with regard to the placement of Mr. Scott Raasch on the Human Rights Commission.

As you will recall, and to give context to the problem, I advocated for the removal of our state supreme court judges in 2010, because they violated their oaths of office while pretending to be lawmakers, forcing gay "marriage" on our state. These judges ignored the reality that the behavior of sodomy was criminalized under our constitution for nearly 200 years in American history. In short, the unhinged court of Iowa "invented" a constitutional right that never existed (and still does not exist) in our constitution. Then, assuming the shield of public ignorance on principles of limited government and assuming the shield of public ignorance on principles concerning the clearly resticted role of judges in our Republic, they flagrantly and carelessly admitted they had unilaterally created a "never before imagined" right (their own words) by describing their legislation as such in the text of the Varnum ruling.

Thankfully, a significant majority of Iowa citizens agreed with my advocacy for the rule of law and the restricted jurisdiction of judges and responded by firing the 3 who were up for the Iowa retention vote. Had all 7 been vulnerable, I have no doubt that all 7 would have been removed.

While standing ground on my rights of free speech against statist ACLU and IRS threats (refusing to "shut up" and "be quiet" on an issue that directly intruded into my jurisdiction, rights, and beliefs, as a pastor who routinely solemnizes marriages), I and my church were continually threatened by parties who disagreed.

Below, please find one significant example of many incidents we endured at the hands of those who preach "tolerance" in public while simultaneously threatening and vandalizing private property after dark.

What makes these particular comments unique is that the man who sent them was unashamed to sign his full name. (Most of our threats and death wishes were received from anomymous leftist cowards.) This bold move of identification makes this specific signatore uniquely unqualified and uniquely dangerous to have been recently commissioned by the City of Sioux City to have authority on the city "Human Rights Commission." As you will see for yourself, Scott Raasch, the signatore, gives blatant death wishes to anyone who disagrees with his political or sexual views. He is obviously unstable and filled with raging hatred.

Here is his correspondence with me in response to our victory against judicial activism in the Iowa Supreme Court:

Scott Raasch: December 20, 2010 at 2:34pm

Re: Reply
"I'm not the one running around bragging about breaking the law....I think you're the one that needs to grow up and set an example for everyone in your community. You are a joke and your "church" is our version of Westboro Baptist. You are haters and bigots and you will get what's coming to you sooner or later. I hope you rot in hell."

I responded to him with as much decorum as I could muster, attempting to share the purpose of Jesus' crucifixion with him and its connection to the Christmas holiday he was desecrating. Here is how he responded after I shared the path of repentance and redemption, attempting to deflect his vile hatred:

Scott Raasch: December 20, 2010 at 2:47pm

Re: Reply
"I know Christ and don't need a snake oil salesman like you to tell me about him. I guess that's the difference between us because I think there are many people that deserve to burn in hell....including you and your entire family. The sooner the better for our community! Now be a good little bigot and go break some more laws now so you can get more attention for your snake oil show."

So it went from him hoping I would die, rot, and burn in hell, to hoping I and my wife and children would all die, rot, and burn in hell "the sooner the better." All of this happened during Christmas break, no less.

I'm sure you can appreciate that remarks like " will get what's coming to you sooner or later. I hope you rot in hell..." in conjunction with death wishes for my wife and children, at Christmas, could be considered an imminent threat to do violence.

This man, Scott Raasch, MUST be REMOVED from the Human Rights Commission immediately. The City Council failed to carefully scrutinize their candidates, and his presence on any "Human RIghts Commission" is a shameless mockery of much more than the stated purpose of the is a mockery of reason, equity, and justice. As you well know, this particular incident with Scott Raasch was already shared with sitting members of the City Council, long ago, so his antics from Christmas of 2010 were not unkown to some sitting members of the council.

Let me be very clear: A man who gives "death wishes" to a local pastor's wife and children at Christmas guarantees an atmosphere where prosecutorial powers of the HRC are likely to become abusive and threatening to people of faith in Sioux City.

Thankfully, I have not yet been shot through the neck after boarding my horse and attempting to walk across 4th and Water Streets. I'm hoping that is because Sioux City has changed for the better since 1886 when Rev. George C. Haddock was murdered for his political activism as a Sioux City pastor. Let's hope our City Council will do the right thing and remove Scott Raasch from this unmerited position of authority poste haste.

Thank you for your concern,


Rev. Cary K. Gordon

Executive Pastor, Cornerstone World Outreach