The Ten Commandments: A Necessary Rebuke of Secular Libertarianism Part 3

Pastor Cary Gordon

by Pastor Cary Gordon

posted on February 3rd, 2014 at 12:42 PM

Part 3 of a 6 Part Series

For the sake of ease, as this writing continues, I will describe all forms of so-called American (or western) “secularism” as “a willful rejection of the Ten Commandments as a basis for proper civil governance today.” By this simple definition, we are able to particularly expose any confused Christians and even pastors who are little more than church-attending secularists, right along with their atheistic counterparts.

What is the present result – the fruit - of secularism both inside and outside of the present American paradox permitted by a disorderly church world? Well, for starters, look no further than biblical illiteracy. In an October, 2010 publication of Students Living a Mission (SLAM), columnist Ben Reese laments, “In 2007, Kelton Research polled Americans on their knowledge of the Ten Commandments. Most of the participants couldn’t name a single commandment. More people knew the ingredients of a Big Mac than what the 6th Commandment was. Although the poll targeted Americans in general, surveys polling Christians are not much better. Surely Christians know more about the Bible than hamburgers. Unfortunately, this often is not the case.”[i]

Reese went on to cite alarming statistics produced by a 2000 Barna Research survey:[ii]

  • 92% of American families own at least one copy of the Bible.
  • Only 37% of Americans read the Bible weekly.
  • Only 37% of Americans can name all 4 Gospels.
  • 12% of Christians think Noah’s wife was Joan of Arc.
  • A survey of graduating high school seniors revealed that over 50% thought that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife.
  • A considerable number of respondents to one poll thought that Billy Graham taught the Sermon on the Mount.
  • 75% of Americans believe that the Bible teaches that God helps those who help themselves.

It is neither from the ill-formed clichés of modern Christian antinomian preachers, nor from the overtly anti-Christian antagonists (whether in the form of secularists, communists, socialists, humanists, or pro-sodomite debate groups who masquerade beneath the banner of civil rights), where men of integrity and intelligence should expect to gain a proper attitude and appreciation of the Mosaic system of law.

Where Do Human Rights Come From?

It is an illogical contradiction for the same man who says “I believe my rights come from God”, to also as firmly proclaim “I believe civil government is supposed to be a secular institution.” The popular attempt to argue both at the same time by overemphasizing valuable things like personal choice and the importance of local control in government is a confusion of sound and sense. It is illogical smoke and mirrors commonly used by self-described “Christian Libertarians”, and it denies the reality of how the Ten Commandments actually worked as a civil code for 40 years under Moses’ world-shaping personal leadership.

For this reason, an intellectually honest “secularist” cannot claim any other belief than the assumption that men grant other men rights (though confused and inconsistent Christian secularist libertarians may insist to stay the path of this contradiction). Therefore, secularism, in any wrapping, eventually leads to statism, though the speed at which statism is achieved may vary.

Remember the French “Enlightenment”? That was the birth of a “baby liberty” that grew up to be a monstrous “Madame Guillotine.” It was not a bloody mass execution of citizens fomented by statists who sought dictatorship, it was sourced by the failures of “secularist libertarians” with Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre at the tip of the revolutionary spear that had unseated the French monarch King Louis XVI declaring France a new democratic republic.

Robespierre was a disciple of the heretic libertarian philosopher Rousseau, who was condemned by Catholics and Protestants alike for claiming that followers of Jesus would not make good citizens. Robespierre elevated Rousseau’s wicked teachings to a cultish following after his death, and made deism the official “civil religion” of France. 

Specifically, Robespierre and his libertarian followers promoted “natural rights” and “natural law” while calculatingly and consciously rejecting ecclesiastical Christian law (a.k.a. rules from God that can be identified and applied in the legal world) as the backdrop for understanding and justifying their secular version of it.

While shouting “liberty, fraternity, equality!” some estimates say as many as 40,000 citizens were decapitated for “crimes against liberty.” The sarcastic idiom “they have an appointment with Madame Guillotine” became a form of public entertainment where brochures were sold highlighting the names of the condemned, as massive crowds looked-on during organized public beheadings. Robespierre the libertarian led the Reign of Terror, and encouraged France to let it cleanse them of their enemies. “The government in a revolution is the despotism of liberty against tyranny,” he quipped.

Eventually, Europe’s most powerful revolutionist found himself screaming at the bottom of the tool of death he so stupidly and wickedly promoted. When his head was severed from his body, France, indeed, was cleansed of at least one monster, and hell’s convicts welcomed a new prisoner. The world was cleansed of the most influential leader of secular libertarianism in the history of the French Revolution.

Why did something so similar to the American Revolution result in total tyranny and murderous rampage on the other side of the world from 1793 to 1794? Because if one believes that men grant rights to other men, then he must also accept that men have a “natural right” to take them away. Thank God our founders starkly disagreed with this nonsense. Our Declaration didn’t merely cite “nature’s law” it specifically cited “nature and nature’s God.” Secularism is antagonistic to the organic law of the United States (Declaration of Independence). Secularism denies homage given plainly and blatantly to God in no less than 48 state constitutional preambles of these United States, and secularism, in an originalist sense, is incompatible with the sociolegal reality among the thirteen original states, twelve of which CODIFIED THE ENTIRE DECALOGUE OF MOSES INTO AMERICAN LAW.

Note to self, to Democrats, to Repbulicrats, to Independents, to Libertarians, confused antinomian Christians, and Americans in general: making up a fake religion that pays lip-service to an unknown God like Robespierre’s “Cult of the Supreme Being” accomplishes the same thing as open public atheism, unless, of course, that fake god you’ve conjured-up has some specific rules that can be identified and applied in the legal world. Thus, rejecting the application of the Ten Commandments in your system of law, whilst clinging to the slogan “In God We Trust” on your fiat currency accomplishes nothing beyond making you feel better about the Dragon of statist secular government you keep feeding with the corpses of murdered babies.

Don’t bore me with secular libertarian drivel about how you’ve “learned from Robespierre’s historic errors,” or assure me that “if only Robespierre had been able to read avowed Atheist Robert Block’s erudite expositions on liberty at Lew Rockwell’s website, things would have been different in France.” At least not until you clean up the curse that has come upon our nation after more than 50,000,000 babies have been “guillotined” since 1973. For all you math whizzes out there…that’s about one thousand two-hundred and fifty times more murders than Robespierre. So maybe, just maybe, America needs more than the word “God” on our money? Maybe we need some identifiable and applicable laws from our God?

I know we do.

Where’s a William Penn that understands “thou shalt do no murder” when you need one?

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