What is a "Christian" Church?

A Biblical portrait of the local church

The laws of the Bible through which Christians unite themselves into an authentic local church of believers are summarized as follows:

  1. The sole authority of the entire Bible, rightly divided, as the rule of faith and practice in life and conduct.
  2. The law of love recognized as the highest and greatest law of the New Covenant, but only understood by and through the continuing reasonable obligations of the Ten Commandments.
  3. The new birth and genuine Christian living as necessary to church membership.
  4. Willful obedience to the Bible in all of its ordinances, doctrines, and laws.
  5. Consecration to the will of God and to the end to which He is consecrated.
  6. The freedom of conscience and personal responsibility to God and to one another.
  7. Total independence from civil government interference, yet maintaining an interposing authority upon the civil government. Individual Christian citizens understand the proper use of civil authority according to God’s laws, which are fundamentally set-forth in the Ten Commandments. In short, when civil authorities violate the immutable principles of the Ten Commandments, a true Christian congregation will confront defiance and rebellion against God for the sake of the gospel and the common good.