• Financial Peace for Juniors

    Financial Peace for Juniors


    Leader: Christy Conrad, Maddy Conrad & Mia Gordon Phone: 712-577-0176 | Email: Twenty-three percent of kids...
  • Awakening Nights

    Awakening Nights


      Leader: Pastor Chace Gordon Phone: 712-274-7572 | Email: Anyone is welcome to these evenings...
  • Coffee, Tea, & Testimonies

    Coffee, Tea, & Testimonies


    Leaders: Karen Gold Phone: 712-301-2284 Email: Enjoy fellowship and testimonies while...
  • Technology, Tips, Tricks, & How To's

    Technology, Tips, Tricks, & How To's

    Mondays and Saturdays

    Leader: Karen Gold Phone: (712) 301-2284 Email: This will give us the knowledge to...
  • Godly Financial Stewardship

    Godly Financial Stewardship


    Leaders: James & Cassie Loomis Phone (James): 712-899-2308 | Email (James): Phone (Cassie):...
  • Signal Fire Prayer

    Signal Fire Prayer


    Leaders: Steve & Leanne Fisher Phone: (712) 252 -2106 Email: Stand in the gap for our...
  • American Heritage Girls

    American Heritage Girls

    Wednesday nights

    Leader: Deb Messerschmidt & Tricia Albright Phone (Deb): 712-574-6924, (Tricia): 712-251-4023  Email...
  • Trail Life USA

    Trail Life USA


    Leader: Ted & Tori Hamilton Phone: (712) 490-8676 Email: Location:...
  • Run Your Race Book Study

    Run Your Race Book Study


    Leader: Liberty Bruns Phone: 712-266-5323 | Email: We’ll be reading and discussing the book Run Your Race by...
  • Homeschool Roundup

    Homeschool Roundup


    Leader: Ms. Molly Gordon Phone: 712-274-7572 | Email: If you’ve ever had a notion to educate your children at...
  • Mama Bear Prayer

    Mama Bear Prayer


    Leader: Ms. Molly Gordon Phone: 712-274-7572 | Email: Make intercession on behalf of your children and watch...
  • Household of Faith Conference

    Household of Faith Conference


    Leader: Ms. Molly Gordon Phone: 712-274-7572 | Email: Featuring the teaching of Dr. Kevin & Tracie...
  • 16th & Court

    16th & Court


    Leader: Steve Fisher Phone: 712-252-2106 | Email: Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reminisce and...
  • Progressive Dinners

    Progressive Dinners


    Leaders: Dana Howell, Amy Figueroa, Belinda Johnson & Melissa Tjeerdsma Phone (Dana): 712-898-0924 | Email (Dana):...
  • Upgrade Women's Event

    Upgrade Women's Event


    Leader: Ms. Molly Gordon Phone: 712-274-7572 | Email: Featuring the teaching of Pastor Crystal Krachunis,...
  • Geocaching Class

    Geocaching Class


    Leader: Karen Gold Phone: 712-301-2284 Email: It’s a game, a hobby, and a sport, but it’s also a way to...
  • Delicious Dishes

    Delicious Dishes


    Leader: Paulina Nguyen Phone: 712-635-1298 | Email: Ladies, need some inspiration in the kitchen? Come enjoy a time...
  • Ladies, Let's Do Lunch!

    Ladies, Let's Do Lunch!


    Leader: Pastor Donna Phone: (712) 274-7572 Email: Ladies Let’s Do Lunch is a...
  • Church Prayer (Members Only)

    Church Prayer (Members Only)


    Leader: Steve & Leanne Fisher Phone: (712) 252-2106 Email: Corporate prayer at...
  • The Link

    The Link

    Tuesdays and Saturdays

    Leaders: Dee Coon & Tina Queen Phone: (712) 389-7432 & (712) 333-7824 Email: TUESDAY A 12 - Step Outreach program for...
  • Shammah


    Mondays: College and Young Adult

    Shammah is the wake-up call to young adults who have slipped through the cracks. This is where post high school young people can come together to find a restored...
  • Oneighty


    Wednesdays: Jr High and High School

    Looking for something to do? Tired of staring at cornfields? Teenagers come to Oneighty from all over Siouxland every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. (Services run from...
  • First Regiment of the Line

    First Regiment of the Line

    Mondays: Student Discipleship

    Leader: Libby Bruns

    Club Genesis

    Club Genesis

    Children Ages 5-12

    Cornerstone's children's ministry is out of this world!  Over 10,000 children have been touched through this dynamic ministry and we're not done yet!  It's a lot of...
  • Aquarium


    Infants through Toddlers

    In our nurseries, children study 12 aspects of who God is - 1 each month. By the time they...
  • PeaceMakers Institute

    PeaceMakers Institute

    Higher education

    People around the country have discovered PeaceMakers Institute to be a great resource for biblical information that pertains to the...