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Into All the World

BEYOND THE WALLS April 2016 - April 2019

Cornerstone is truly a “world outreach,” and our focus has extended beyond the walls of our church from day one. But with the BEYOND THE WALLS campaign, our church family has a unique opportunity to make a generational impact like never before. Get your questions answered and catch the vision, because we’re going BEYOND THE WALLS!

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Our building can’t contain all the people we’ve reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To truly grasp the scale of Cornerstone’s ministry, we need to look BEYOND THE WALLS—to those who have never even walked through our doors. We may not know the exact number of lives changed this side of eternity, but the following stories provide a glimpse into the profound impact our church has had in Sioux City and across the nation.


PDF versions of all the BEYOND THE WALLS campaign materials.