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August 4th, 2013

"Beginning at Jerusalem"... It Starts With Us!

Homecoming 2013

speaker: Pastor Larry Paulsen

service: Sunday Evening

text: Matthew 7:13-23

about this service:

The stakes are too high for ministers to allow the game of "playing church" to continue! We must separate the true soldiers of the cross from the pretenders dressed in sheep's clothing. The power to witness and take the gospel to our "Jerusalem" begins with a self examination of our own lives to see if we are living holy and in line with the only manual for this great advancement; the word of God itself. It is only then, as we live free of sin and completely yielded to the Holy Spirit that the power to witness and overcome evil in our time will be seen. There will be no taking our our "Jerusalem" without the power of God and there will be no power without yielded holy vessels fit for the Master's use. There is no greater good to obtain than obeying the will of the One who died for us all, the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you enlisted?