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January 10th, 2016

Earthly Debts Paid by Spiritual Riches #1

Beyond the Walls

speaker: Pastor Cary Gordon Pastor Cary Gordon

service: Sunday Morning

text: I Corinthians 16:1-4

about this service:

Do you believe you are doing all you can do in the area of getting? Your answer is tied up in the answer to another question: do you believe you are doing all you can in the area of giving? What do you think hinders you from getting more? What do you believe hinders you from giving more? Everything around us 7 days a week seems to boil down to an entire world, both inside and outside the church, who are each telling their own story about how they have not been able to get more in life. It’s the fuel behind our entire legal and political world. It’s the frustration many face every 30 days when your mortgage comes due, or when the tax man sends you a notice, or when you pay your utility bill. Both Giving and Getting are blessed principles from God, yet both become almost instantly toxic when either one is done in an attempt to outrun the law of God that permanently chains both Giving and Getting together as inseparable partners.