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January 15th, 2017

Faith is a Tool #1

The Way Of Faith

speaker: Pastor Cary Gordon Pastor Cary Gordon

service: Sunday Morning

text: Genesis 3:6

about this service:

In this first installment of this sermon series entitled "The Way of Faith", Pastor Cary explains the origins of the tool of faith, and why it has been required by the justice of God, since the fall of Adam and Eve in Eden. Why is faith required in order for sinful persons to experience redemption? Once a man is born-again, why is faith still required in order to cooperate with any of the benefits that trail behind his salvation experience while he lives out a new life in Christ, amidst a wicked world? What does the Bible mean when it repeatedly informs the reader that faith comes by hearing? Why did Jesus emphasize the enormous importance of men learning to listen with more than just their physical ears, but to truly hear with spiritual ears? Pastor Cary makes the compelling case that understanding the Genesis origins of faith is essential to walking by faith today and tomorrow.