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September 10th, 2017

Seven Popular Lies

service: Sunday Morning

text: Matthew 21:13

about this service:

We now live in a culture dominated by lies, and it is doubtful that any civilization has ever existed in history as devoid of truth as our own, (unless we reach backward in time, far enough to find some analogous civilization such as the cannibalistic monsters of the Aztec world - who sacrificed thousands of people a year, and then ate them). We have come full circle today, in America. We emerged out of the darkness of Europe into the light of colonial America only to plunge right back into the darkness during this modern era. Our days are the real dark ages, and they are defined by certain lies. While there are hundreds of lies, there are seven that seem to be the very most popular. In this message, Matthew Walsh identifies and deconstructs those seven most popular lies told by our neo-pagan culture about Christianity; lies that have ended-up actually being believed by many Christians.