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April 17th, 2016

The Cheerful Giver #3

Beyond the Walls

speaker: Pastor Cary Gordon Pastor Cary Gordon

service: Sunday Morning

text: 2 Corinthians 9:7

about this service:

God loved a cheerful giver in the Garden of Eden. Cheerful giving is not a New Testament invention. In the book of Genesis, when God commanded a sacrifice to be made, and Able did what God asked with a right heart, in contrast with Cane who did what was most convenient for himself with a begrudging heart - God loved a cheerful giver. Several millennia later, when the materialism and selfishness of Judas Iscariot was challenged, Judas did two things that people in that same sinful state of mind (influenced by the same spirit) do today: 1) He insinuated that Jesus was mishandling finances by accepting lavish gifts. 2) Judas insinuated that the donor was mishandling finances by giving a lavish gift. (As a general rule of thumb, any time your personal opinions on finances find themselves more in line with Judas Iscariot than Jesus, you should definitely pause and do a self examination, along with a better examination of your Bible). A growing number of unfaithful clergy refuse to teach Biblical truths concerning giving and receiving today because they are cowards unwilling to accept the sufferings of Christ by accusations hurled from the Spirit of Judas Iscariot. At this very hour in America, when a man of God opens the Word, confronts materialism, and encourages obedience and generosity, he is routinely ridiculed just as Christ was disparaged by Judas Iscariot. In this helpful sermon, you can learn to take on the sufferings of Christ, reject the doctrine of Judas, and follow the Bible with the right handling of your own finances. Find out in this third installment of the "Beyond the Walls" sermon series why 2 Corinthians 9:7 could not possibly free modern Christians from the privilege of giving tithes and offerings to Christ's New Testament church.