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April 10th, 2016

Why Build Churches #2

Beyond the Walls

speaker: Pastor Cary Gordon Pastor Cary Gordon

service: Sunday Morning

text: 1 Corinthians 6:19

about this service:

In 1925, the Illinois Society of Architects set out to make estimates of the cost of rebuilding that ancient temple. The cost of the structure alone, without any consideration of the cost of the required furnishings, was estimated at 87 billion dollars. Considering how costs have skyrocketed since 1925, it would no doubt cost over 500 billion dollars to build today. Ironically, the single lonely verse where the Apostle Paul rebukes believers who are sinning sexually and makes it a point to illustrate how tremendous the price was for Christ to save our lives, is used by errant people in our time to suggest we don’t need church buildings. This is, at best, very poor interpretation of the Bible, and at worst, denigrating to the price Jesus truly paid to establish His kingdom via the church. While it is certainly true that an individual can and should worship God at home (or anywhere for that matter), a beautiful corporate worship space was not our idea, it is required by God according to the Bible. We understand that it is popular in modern times to completely disregard the Old Testament, but we know that view of God’s Word to be disrespectful and inappropriate. It is the cause of much doctrinal error and unnecessary confusion today. Discover why no one should ever sin against God by misusing 1 Corinthians 6:19 as a means to claim "church buildings aren't important in the New Testament."