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Pastor Chace Gordon

Pastor Chace Gordon is an associate and Chief of Staff at Cornerstone World Outreach and resides in Sioux City, Iowa with his beautiful wife Katy, and three daughters Mia, Mallory, and Kerena. In his position as Chief of Staff he has oversight of all church departments under the authority of the senior staff, as well as direct supervision or involvement in the following departments at Cornerstone: finance, personnel, grounds and maintenance, helps ministry, future construction projects and land development, and biblical counseling.

From his childhood, Pastor Chace began to cultivate both an intimate relationship with God and a broad depth of knowledge of scripture, preaching his first sermon to the youth department while still in sixth grade. He spent most of his youth attending to volunteer, part-time and full-time work, including regular church maintenance duties, bus ministry, video-audio department, church accounting, ushering, and praise team. He also taught a Bible study at East High School of Sioux City, Iowa, evangelized several hundred fellow-students, and conducted outreaches to his fellow teens.

After high school he graduated from Cornerstone School of Biblical studies, taught math, PE and other various subjects at Heartland Christian Academy, and founded “Shammah,” Cornerstone’s thriving college-age ministry. He became an associate pastor at Cornerstone in January of 2001. Over the years Pastor Chace served in virtually all areas of ministry at Cornerstone, as both a laborer and a leader, and currently acts as church administrator and oversees Cornerstone’s youth department and college-age ministry. As a son of Pastors Larry & Eileen Gordon, he grew up serving in the church and has dedicated his life to the study of God’s Word, advancing the church, and evangelizing the culture.

Following his ordination, he became the young adults pastor, assisted Pastor Cary in revamping and improving Cornerstone’s youth department, visited jails and hospitals, and instructed Bible classes at Cornerstone School of Biblical Studies for three years—during which time he taught the Poetical Books of the Old Testament, New Testament Survey I, the Book of Revelation, Grace Empowerment, and Able to Stand.

In recent years, Pastor Chace has also graduated from PeaceMakers Institute: School of Theology, and has received recognition from Nehemiah Institute for his Biblical worldview. He published his first book, “Grace Empowerment,” in 2007, and completed his second book on the Old Testament book of Job, which was released in 2012. He is the creator of College Weekend Workshop, a prep course for churches, parents, and students on how to survive spiritually at college.

In addition to ministering in Siouxland, Pastor Chace also enjoys ministering to other churches around the U.S. and taking missions teams to other nations.

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