Minister Donna Smith

Minister Donna Smith

As a former educator and business woman, Donna Smith served 12 years as the area director for a prominent business prior to becoming an invaluable part of Cornerstone's ministry-team. Her leadership skills were honed through the vast array of opportunities that emerge in supervising over 300 people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and personalities.

Rev. Smith has a unique perspective of God’s human creation; her understanding of each person as an individual with a divinely designed personality makes her a tremendous asset to the Body of Christ. She is an exceptionally effective mentor, living by example. Her areas of strength include teaching and discipling new believers, providing Biblically-based guidance for those facing life’s struggles, and the ability to advise people in building strong relationships. Rev. Smith plays the key role in several of CWO’s Outreach Ministries, including ministry to singles, children, and those suffering with and overcoming addictions. She also teaches Victorious Faith (membership) classes. In addition, she currently serves as principal of PeaceMakers Academy, a private academy serving Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.

To Rev. Smith, preparation time is never to be considered wasted time. Her 35 years of experience in the business industry have proven invaluable educationally and developmentally. She holds degrees from Trinity Bible College, Atlanta, GA; School of Biblical Studies, New Castle, DE; and PeaceMakers Institute, Sioux City, IA.

Rev. Smith assumed her position as an associate staff minister following her ordination in 1996. Her life experiences bring strength to the staff and congregation of Cornerstone World Outreach. She helps people to define their character weaknesses and develop their strengths in order to reach their full, God-given potential.

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